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Balancing Work and Family: How to Handle It like a Champ

When it comes to balancing your work and family life, you have got to admit that it usually gets overwhelming most especially if you are a mom. So many things go through your mind – the guilt of not being with the kids which might lead to you not giving your 100% best at your workplace and so much more is a lot to deal with.

But there is good news that will cheer you up. Though you might not end up having everything exactly the way you want, there are ways you can improve and handle the balancing like a true champ. Below are some tips on how to balance your work and family and be happy too.

First of all, let go of the guilt Instead of beating yourself up for your inability to be there for your kids all the time, think about how the job is helping you make life better for them. Perhaps due to your job, you can now afford a better school for them, and probably you have been able to tuck away enough savings for their college. Of course, there will be ups and downs – it’s all part of life but learning how to handle both worlds will not only make you a successful employee, it also makes you the best parent. So stop fighting yourself and start looking for better ways to be more efficient.

Keep a well-organized calendar for the whole family Find out what your family’s priorities are and create a well-organized schedule for the entire family. For example, your timing can include a list of school events for the kids, chore charts, bill payments, birthdays and so on.

Once you got this, all that is left is to remind everyone to at least look at it and know what needs to be done and when. You can even color code it with each color representing a member of the family. This way, when you are at the office, you will be rest assured that the home activities are going smoothly (or most at least).

Get rid of any distractions

Be strict with yourself about what you do and especially when around your family. Like making sure you don’t try to answer emails or receive phone calls when you are supposed to be having a family time – in short, family time should be strictly adhered to (so no multitasking). When you are at work, try to focus and make sure all that needs to be done was carried out, no time wasting so you don’t have to carry the remaining work home with you.

Get a ‘me’ time

Joggling work and family can be exhausting, so don’t forget to take care of yourself too. Find some time to relax and do all that is necessary for you, this way you will be happier sacrificing for the family.

Once you are determined to get the hold of balancing work and family, there is nothing that you can’t do. Just remember you are not alone and there is no harm in asking for help.

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