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10 Traits of Your Business and Life

By far, one of the most valuable human traits to have is integrity. This trait is often sought after in relationships, whether they be personal or professional.

Integrity is the act of always doing the right thing, no matter what, even without validation and, most importantly, whether someone saw you do it or not, or ever finds out about it.

If you have true integrity, you don’t just do the right thing when someone is watching you.

You do the right thing because you value the right thing.

1. They take responsibility – Anyone who takes responsibility for their actions even when they make a mistake is practicing integrity.

They will often own up to their mistakes without a fight and do it calmly as well.

As soon as they notice their error, they want to make it a priority for you to know that it is their responsibility, and they want to fix it.

2. They are honest – To have integrity, you must be honest in all situations. They usually do not possess the ability to lie because they know that a lie wouldn’t benefit anyone.

They know that lying only leads to betrayal, and betrayal leads to mistrust. Lack of trust leads to destroyed relationships.

3. Selfless – Those with great integrity always put the needs of others before themselves. In fact, they take pride in it and enjoy it.

They don’t help others just for praise. They do it because they want to and will always strive to do the right thing.

4. They don’t jump to conclusions – They always give the benefit of the doubt and don’t jump to conclusion. They genuinely listen to what the other is saying and don’t make judgments about someone before they do it.

Those with integrity think people are good first and always want to be good and act with that in mind.

5. Respectful – They know how to respect others from the start.

They understand that respect is something everyone should be offered from the beginning, no matter who they are.

They will never be rude to someone that is deemed by society as “below them.” Most believe respect is earned, but those with integrity offer it up naturally and without resistance.

6. Reliable – If they say they are going to do it, you can guarantee it will be done. In fact, they are so reliable that they will likely show up early or get the job done before it is due.

It's unlikely procrastination or forgetfulness are terms often used by them. Being flakey is not a trait of someone with true integrity.

7. Trustworthy – Those who possess integrity often have friends and acquaintances who always come to them for support or other things because they never let anyone down and don’t back away from promises or obligations set out for them.

8. Humble – They don’t brag about their accomplishments and believe that who they are, as well as others, at the very moment, are valuable no matter what because they genuinely believe it.

This means validation comes from within verses from others outside of their world.

9. Apologetic – Just as they own up to their mistake, they will recognize when an apology is needed and do it as fast as possible.

They will usually approach the situation first with an apology because they truly believe mistakes are only part of human nature. Nothing can’t be worked out and solved.

10. Kindhearted – Last but not least, those who exude integrity are often very kind natured. They don’t gossip.

If you ask them for help, this type of person will be there with open arms and are often around helping before you ask with no goal other than helping you.

If you want to have integrity, then try to emulate these traits as much as possible.

Truly understand why you value integrity and make sure you want it for the right reasons.

Remember, the true importance of integrity is being the best you that you can be without the need for someone watching you to ultimately do the right thing.

To accomplish this, you need to explore what your principles and values are so you can make sure you live up to them.

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See you later.

Dr. Renee


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