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Making Healthy 2024 Goals

Making Healthy 2022 Goals

Have you set a goal of becoming healthier and feeling discouraged and unable to fulfill your commitment?

So let's see why it is so important to set goals. And in case the word "target" disables it, replace it with a word that suits you, it could be intention or purpose, and so on. It is the feeling behind the words that is the key here. Please, choose the word that suits you best.

The objective is to give us an address to follow. It's like deciding where to go on vacation, for example. Once you have made the decision, you move in that direction and begin to take steps to reach it. If you do not decide where you want to go, you can not follow these steps.

Unfortunately, most people make a big mistake in setting their goals because of a fundamental misunderstanding. And it's straightforward because society hypnotizes us to believe that this is how it works. But is not.

We have been hypnotized to believe that we live in an external world, that we can only be happy according to our external circumstances. Each marketing message is to buy us in this area ......... we cannot be happy if we do not drive this type of car, if we use this brand, if we earn more money or if there are so many customers.

So we set our goals accordingly because we do not know any different. Most people unknowingly and innocently set goals with the following premise: "I will be happy when I will / will / will be ..." xyz might not be happy if ... "or the other". . "xyz" has arrived. "

We fall into the trap of attacking our happiness to achieve specific goals. And this is not true. We are preparing for a very bumpy ride. It is as if we associate our happiness, our security and our well-being with our goals and disseminate them somewhere in the future.

And since we believe that we do not have happiness, security or well-being, obviously we felt sad, anxious and stressed, which makes the trip a very difficult task. This explains why so many people give up on the road; it's too difficult!

Therefore, it is essential that we understand where our happiness, our well-being, our security, and our tranquility come from. They do not come from outside. They are already in us as human beings. We are born with them, and we are always there for us to access.

None of our feelings, including happiness, security, peace of mind and well-being, come from outside. I know it sounds like this because our society has led us to see it that way. It is an innocent misunderstanding about how life works. As if it were an innocent misunderstanding when people thought the world was flat.

It is an innocent trap in which we fall again and again, convinced that our external circumstances have an impact on how we feel when things are different. Our thoughts create the way we feel and experience external circumstances; we live in an inner world. That's why two people can watch a funny movie, and only one finds it fun.

So when it comes to setting goals, it is very important to be aware of why you want to achieve a goal. If it is because you think you will be happy or happier, then it is not a healthy goal to define. And remember that nothing outside can make us happy.

While consciously setting my goals for the year by asking me if it was a goal of "I'll be happy when," I had a deep insight. Every year I set the goal of excellent health. While writing, I realized that for more than 40 years I connected my happiness with that. Whenever I have pain, I am immediately disappointed because it is very important for me and also because I consciously take many steps to achieve good health, such as good nutrition, yoga, supplements, etc.

I saw clearly that my way of thinking was the source of bad luck, which only allowed me to be happy when I was in good health. It was a goal "I'll be happy when"!

So I thought about it, and I found something that made me feel good, whether I had pain or not. Embrace my pains and pains as a gift! They are gifts that allow me to know that something is wrong and I have to choose what to do about it if it exists. Imagine if we had never hurt ourselves, how could we know when something is wrong? We could cut a finger without even knowing it and bleed it!

I strongly recommend that you be very aware when setting a goal. Having these three questions and if you answer yes to one of them, is probably not a healthy goal for you:

Is it a goal "I'll be happy when"?

Is it a goal "I can not be happy if"?

Does this goal make me anxious or stressed?

Remember that you create your happiness from within, nothing from outside can affect your feelings. Set goals that will show you where you want to go and enjoy your trip :-)

Setting goals is a necessary step in the process of eating healthy, losing weight or improving fitness. But if you do not consciously create specific and attainable goals, you will probably leave the best intentions in the world, but you will only succeed in a few days, weeks or months later.

This can be discouraging for everyone, especially if you generally consider yourself to be a motivated and committed person.

So, if you want to achieve your goals, you have to take a different approach. And there is no better way to do it following the instructions of the S.M.A.R.T. Goal definition process:



Action measures


Based on the time

Specific: setting specific objectives allows you to prioritize what you need to do to achieve that goal, rather than a general vision.

For example, "I want to be healthier and lose weight" is too vague. Instead, try to choose one or two limited objectives, such as: "I want to go to a gym class three times a week and stop eating in front of the TV."

Measurable: making your goals measurable is a crucial step in the goal-setting process. A measurable goal establishes specific criteria that allow you to track your progress so you know when you will reach your goal.

So do not get carried away and say "I want to run more." Instead, try to achieve separate goals such as "I want to run 20 miles per week" or "I want to eat three servings of vegetables a day."

Reaching goals and achieving measurable goals will give you more confidence and a sense of accomplishment. And above all, it will help you stay on the right track.

Steps: If you have a goal but do not know how to achieve it, it is likely that you will not succeed.

Then, instead of creating an inaccessible goal, try to create a list of action steps and resources that will help you achieve your goal. If your goal is to lose five pounds for next summer, you will have to make a plan to do so.

Do you concentrate on serving size at meals or replace the plate of chips and fall in the usual afternoon?

Why not participate in a training course three times a week? Take the dog an extra half hour of walking a day?

Identify the steps that will support your goal and stay with them.

Realistic: the definition of unrealistic objectives is the fastest way to not fulfill your commitments. Your goals must be ambitious but achievable.

Therefore, if you like to eat, setting your goal of maintaining 1,300 calories per day is probably not realistic for you. If you've always had a pear-shaped body, choose a pair of tight jeans.

Instead, try to choose goals such as limiting the amount of candy you eat each week or reducing your body fat percentage. Objectives like these will not be easy, but ultimately they will be achievable.

Based on time: setting a deadline to achieve your goals creates a sense of urgency and drives you to work towards your goal today.

You can set goals in a very short period (i.e., lose two pounds a month) or more (run a half marathon at the end of next year). However, giving your goals a deadline makes it a priority. And when you do something of a priority, you're much less likely to abandon it.

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