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Exercises You Need To Be Careful Doing

Exercising is a very good activity to engage yourself with. A good regular exercise routine helps to keep the body and mind in good shape at all times. Exercises also help you to maintain a perfect weight for your body and also develop muscles and stamina for your body while keeping your heart and many other body organs healthy.

Generally, it can be concluded that a good exercise routine is essential for healthy daily living. It might, however, surprise you to learn that not all exercises are really good for your body. The matter of fact is that there are some exercises which can prove to be counterproductive to your objective of leading a healthy life.

These exercises mostly because of it's inappropriateness to your body system might lead to some body injuries and might even turn to be a health hazard for you. Knowing the exercises that are not appropriate for your body is quite important if you must enjoy a healthy life of exercise.

This is one of the reasons why we have outlined some of these exercises here in this article. And they include:

The Upright Rows: The Upright Rows is a very common exercise that is done with a pair of dumbbells or a barbell or a sandbag or anything of a considerable amount of weight. The exercise is performed standing upright with the weight at your arm's length and then begin to lift the weight up to your chin repeatedly with a closed overhead grip. This exercise is not always a good one as it puts too much of stress on the rotator cuff of your wrist and this can most likely cause you injury.

The Military Press Behind The Head: This exercise can be performed with the help of a barbell. The exercise involves pushing upwards to raise the barbell and pulling it down behind the head repeatedly. This exercise might expose you to some risks like developing a muscle strain and shoulder injury; this exercise could also expose you to having the barbell hit the back of your neck, thereby causing injury.

The Seated Knee Extensions: This exercise is done by sitting on a machine and using your feet to lift a weight. Unfortunately, though, this exercise might cause you to put your knee joints under a lot of stress, and this can also lead to injuries.


To get the best out of your exercise routine and also to maximize the benefits your body can get from exercise, it is essential to know the exercises that suit your body best and also the exercises that do not agree with your body system. While you make a routine out of the exercises that suit your body system, it is also advisable to stop all exercises that do not agree with your body system. These exercises that have been listed in this article are some of the exercises you might really want to consider stopping now.

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