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5 Meals You Need To Stay Fit and Healthy

There are several factors that culminate into what makes someone healthy, but top on all the list is the type of food the person eats. You probably would have heard the popular saying that “you are what you eat.” An individual, who takes the appropriate meals and proportions, has the higher tendency of a healthier body than the one who just takes in everything that is edible.

Many health issues have been traced to unregulated and/or improper food and diets. Sometimes, people could stay much more healthy and active for the greater parts of their lives, if they get down to eating the right meals early enough, before health complications sets in.

Here are some five meal combinations that are effective for staying fit and healthy, and which could thus, serve as some recommendation

  • Soybean foods

There are a good number of legumes with useful nutritional value, but soybeans stand exceptionally out. Unfortunately, many people have not come to realize the health benefits of eating soybean products. Soybeans are a rich source of all the essential proteins and vitamins required for proper body growth and metabolism. It contains omega 3 and omega 6 unsaturated fatty acids, which have been known to confer various health benefits such as reduced chances of pulmonary heart diseases, proper body organ function, and an array of other health advantages. Example of processed soybean product is tofu, which can form a part of your everyday diets.

  • Green leafy vegetables

Over the last few years, nutritionists and medical health experts seem to have made more noise on the importance of eating greens, and why people should adequately incorporate them in their meals. Even as cheap and easily sourced as they are, they contain massive compositions that could have quite immediate advantageous effects, as well as those that show in the long run. Most (if not all) green vegetables are a good source of calcium, potassium, magnesium, and vitamins. Studies have shown that they are a rich source of folic acid which is important in blood formation. Asides these, they have high fibre content that aids digestion, and cancer preventing properties.

  • Banana

Potassium is one of the main mineral nutrients required by the human body. This is probably because it has a role to play in cell activity, and also because of its importance in facilitating proper heart function. Bananas are a rich store of potassium, and each slender mass of the fruit contains reasonable amount that adds up to the daily requirements. They are also useful providers of vitamin A which helps the eye function.

  • Salmons

You can almost assume you’ve not been eating right if the salmons have not been part of it. Salmons contain virtually all of the proteins, vitamins, and fatty acids you can think of. They are an excellent source of omega 3 fats, very nutritious, and you can easily buy them from the market.

  • Potatoes

Potatoes are not only high starchy food, but they also contain a lot of other antioxidants that help rid the body of free radicals. They have been shown to have a good effect on heart disease prevention, proper bone development, as well as cancer prevention.

Most times, the food materials that provides so much health and fitness benefits are even the ones that have been underrated. You don’t have to spend your life savings, before you get the best food, as far as your health is concerned.

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