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5 Smart Ways to Reduce Stress

Stress has gradually become a very major worry in the 21st century. Kids are stressed by the rigors of schooling. Parents are stressed by jobs, deadlines and family needs. Stress steals your joy and peace of mind. It is therefore imperative that you keep stress and stressors at bay. In itself, stress is also a gateway to a host of illnesses ranging from minor headaches, anxiety attacks, high blood pressure, depression and worse still, strokes.

Stress is not totally avoidable, but it can be pruned down to its barest minimum. This article is going to list a few smart ways to ease your stress:

  1. Exercise more: Exercising has been known to regulate blood pressure, and also release endorphins which help soothe the body and calm the mind. It should be a consistent part of your everyday routine. Even a 10 minute walk each day will go a long way in reducing the amount of stress you have.

  2. Avoid caffeinated drinks and Alcohol: Caffeinated drinks and alcohol will only raise your stress levels as they can both act as stimulants. Instead, go for alternatives such as water, green tea, etc. Green tea is a very good option, as it contains polyphenol which works wonders at reducing stress levels.

  3. Sleep: This one is pretty self-explanatory. Sleep is a major factor in the health and wellbeing of an individual. Getting enough sleep at night and during the day will go a long way in keeping you calm and well-rested. Staying calm and well-rested is essential to having a stress-free day.

  4. Smart Work: Smart work will bring about more dividends than hard work. Plan your days before you start out, detail out both the major and minor tasks you need to carry out. Leading a structured life will limit the amount of stressors you encounter during your day.

  5. Be Social: Hang out with friends and family. Go to the movies, a concert or even a picnic. Connecting with people and having a fun time out will help reduce any stress or tension you have. So, call that friend today and set up that fun date!

With these few steps, you're ready to conquer the stress. It is also important to note what your potential stressors are, and then try to avoid them.

In closing, nothing positive will ever come from stressing out. You only live once, make it a life free of constant tension and stress.

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