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How to Choose a Healthy Breakfast with a Tight Schedule

Remember when your teacher in high school told you not to form a habit of skipping breakfasts? He was right. A healthy breakfast will give you the right amount of energy to keep you working and thinking properly. Skipping breakfast is an easy way to make yourself unhealthy.

Of course, being a career person comes with a lot of challenges. One of the challenges that comes with it is that you may no longer have time for yourself. This surely has a way of affecting your diet life as you will often be too busy to fix a healthy breakfast for yourself before jumping on a train to your office.

This article explains some of the things you should do if you want to have healthy breakfasts, despite your very busy schedule.


We've already mentioned how important breakfast is for sustaining energy levels. A healthy breakfast also aids sugar movement around the blood. Eating a breakfast that is very high in sugar and carbohydrates may be dangerous to the body system.

An easy to prepare meal that is high in fiber, rich in protein, provides good fat and contains a moderate level of carbohydrates would be a wonderful choice for a healthy breakfast.


Since you will be leaving for work very early in the morning, it would be great to prepare and stock your ‘fridge with meals at night. Then all you need to do in the morning is quickly heat something and you are good to go.

This is a healthy idea that will save you a lot of time and all the money you spend eating "on the go snacks."


The temptation will come for you to eat more than you should during a meal since you may not find another time within the day to eat again.

Please don't budge. Do not overeat. Eat to be just sufficiently sufficed. Getting 70 or 80 percent filled is OK. Overeating breakfast will cause you to gain unnecessary weight.

Eating too much for breakfast can also slow down digestion and cause constipation and even worse problems like diabetes.


While you often see coffee as a quick breakfast alternative, drinking excess coffee could cause your liver to get overloaded. It can make you dehydrated and increase the risk of certain irregularities in blood sugar. Anytime your liver gets overworked, your chances of gaining weight and experiencing diseases will increase since the liver is the detoxifying organ of the body.

Try to decrease your intake of coffee, especially at breakfast.

There are a lot of healthy alternatives on the market that will not damage your liver.


Early morning water is the most important menu item in our breakfast. You should learn to drink one or two glasses of water during or after breakfast. Health experts opine that it takes a good amount of water during breakfast to aid good digestion.

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