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A Caffeine Life: the effects of caffeine to the human body

Coffee is a universal drink that a lot of people on daily for the energy boost it provides, making you feel less tired and more awake however this doesn't mean it's a beverage without drawbacks. While coffee is seen as an amazing cup of goodness, it contains large amounts of caffeine, and the caffeine has numerous side effects which might prove to be harmful to the human body. Here is a list of side effects to be expected from regular intake of caffeine

Erratic behavior

While caffeine may provide more energy and allow you be more alert, it should also be noted that caffeine alters mood and triggers the 'flight or fight’ reaction which causes aggressive mannerisms and erratic behavior. Also, caffeine in the body of a person tends to cause anxiousness, irritability and even mood swings, chemically altering the body chemistry.

Addiction and withdrawal

The constant intake of caffeine can lead to the compulsion or need to feel the high and outburst of energy that comes with regular intake hence it becomes something like a crutch that people rely on to get through the day. If the decision is made to stop the consumption of drinks containing caffeine, then there is withdrawal with symptoms like constant headaches, anxiety, fatigue, and depression. Withdrawal from caffeine can have severe effects because a person might have become dependent on caffeine and is now an part of the person’s system.

Sleep deprivation

While caffeine can shake off the effects of sleep and allow a person break from the cycle of the sun, it nonetheless interferes with an important and vital part of the well being of a human: sleep. This can lead to adverse effects on one’s productive and able to cope with everyday life, the effects of sleep deprivation apparent.

Health issues

The effects of caffeine on the health of consumers are quite alarming with effects like heart contractions, headaches, reduced fertility in men and women, blood pressure and such. The health risks that are related to the consumption of caffeine calls for a drastic reduction in the intake of caffeinated beverages, and if this option is not viable, then there are other numerous options to consider like detox.

Caffeine is a great central nervous system stimulant and has good benefits like being energizing, keeps you alert, allows one to be more productive and even increases drive. in comparison, the negative side effects weighed in consideration with the positive side effects, makes it's clear why there should be a reduced intake of caffeine.

The negative side effects of caffeine outweigh that of the positive with the positive effects being short term. Another factor to be noted is that a vast majority of people consume copious amounts of caffeine with it in drinks, sweets, drugs and even food, with it being tasteless and allowing it go unnoticed.

While caffeine is viewed largely with myopic views of good, the adverse side effects should also be noted and heeded else damage might be done to a regular consumer of caffeinated products.

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