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5 Hobbies To Improve Your Health

Many of the activities we enjoy participating in, simply because they catch our fancy or are fun, have surprisingly many good effects on our mind, as well as our mental and physical health.Our hobbies form a part of who we are and tend to shape the way we live our lives


This has a whole range of health benefit, apart from being an enjoyable form of exercise. It is gentle on the body depending on how hard you want to push yourself, and it can be done in the comfort of your own home or when you are out with friends. Dancing is a form of cardio workout that helps increase stamina and strengthens bones and muscles. It also helps improve balance in elderly people. So go on, move your body to the beat while you exercise. Dance away the stress!


Surely, sitting at a desk and writing is not good for your health; well, prepare to be shocked because writing is linked to some health benefits such as better memory, reduction in stress levels as well as improved sleep.Writing is a good tool for self-expression and can ultimately help blow off steam after a hard day’s job. It would surely calm your nerves.


Playing and listening to music has been found to be soothing and therapeutic.Listening to music has also been found to be more effective at reducing anxiety than using prescription drugs. The brains respond to music by releasing neurotransmitter dopamine as a result of the pleasure it derives from music.So, whatever genre of music catches your fancy, go ahead and indulge yourself!

Board Games:

The old board games accumulating dust in your house can help with cognitive skills like problem-solving, complex thought processes and memory formation.The game chess, for example, requires fast thinking and problem-solving skills on the go because the parameters are constantly changing. Also, chess requires mental strategizing; an activity that helps in decision making and ultimately sharpens your mind. Monopoly is known to help make wise financial decisions in real life too. So pick up that snake and ladders board game today and sharpen your mind while having fun!


This physically tasking hobby that involves digging the earth, watering and trimming flowers amongst other things, helps to exercise muscles in the arms and calves. Interacting with nature in all its beauty on every level has been found to have a calming effect on the nerves. It provides time for meditation in quite a bliss.

Whether your hobbies are carried out indoors or outdoors, they help boost your immune system, improve both your mental and physical wellbeing, sharpen your mind, release all the stress and while being fun and exciting. So go ahead, have fun while you can, you deserve it!

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