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How to Choose a Healthy Dinner with a Busy Schedule

Just as breakfast is an important meal of the day, so are lunch and dinner. Frequently, we are forced to eat foods that jeopardize our health simply because we are pressed for time or simply don’t have the opportunity to cook for ourselves. It is needless to rehash how beneficial good food is to the body and how bad eating choices can affect not only our physical health, but our mental health too, since bad eating habits cause the release of toxic chemicals into the brain.

A few urban myths surround meal consumption. For instance, some people believe that skipping dinner helps you remain healthy (for weight loss purposes). This is untrue, along with a whole host of other man-made reasons that perpetuate our poor eating decisions. So the question is, are there ways you can help make the right choices even when you are short of time? Is your dinner a very important meal?

This article aims to analyze/show some tips on how you can have a healthy dinner even when your schedule is super tight.

How to eat dinner right even where there is no time

The gospel truth is that dinner is not ordinarily the time to stuff your stomach to the point you are practically tripping over your pot belly. It definitely isn’t the time to eat what you missed eating all day! The key is never to skip dinner. Rather, eat light. So here are some tips to help you along the way.

  • Choose small portions of food: Rather than starve through the night because you are trying to keep in shape or because of your hard pressed schedule, the first step to choosing a dinner is to find a portion plate. Research shows that most people need to consume 1,200-1,500 calories everyday if they are to ever lose that weight they have been longing to lose.

  • Pack healthy snacks: It is advisable to eat healthy snacks as dinner rather than starve yourself. There are some healthy snacks out there like chopped apples and almond yogurts. Try to buy them during the day, at night you will have no choice but to eat them.

  • Practice simple food swaps: There are various food swaps you can eat that save you calories and most importantly time while still making sure you eat healthy.

  • Put reminders up: You can put handwritten reminders in strategic positions. This has proven to be effective since you are always busy and most times tend to forget to eat dinner; these reminders are there for you. You can put them close to your bed or your bedroom door. It is very important that you put them in positions where you'll see them as often as possible.

The importance of eating a healthy dinner cannot be over emphasized; dinner ensures there is a steady supply of glucose for essential processes while we sleep. Just as a car needs gas, so does our body need food, especially dinner, because it helps maintain our metabolism while we sleep.

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