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How to Exercise with a Busy Schedule

It is common knowledge that daily or regular exercise is important to our body. Busy schedules and long days make a lot of people drop exercising right out of their daily activities. So if you want to exercise, but you feel like you just do not have enough hours in your day to fit it in, here are some ways to exercise even with your busy schedule.

• Walk Instead of Driving or Commuting

Walking is an exercise on its own. Regular walking helps keep your heart healthy, your weight healthy and gives you overall fitness. No doubt during your busy day you do some driving or commuting for not so long distances. Instead of driving to your next appointment or the grocery store, take a walk. Brisk walking would help you fill your exercise quota for the day and not take away time for other activities.

• Desk Exercises

If your day is mostly spent sitting at a desk, there are also exercises you can fit into your schedule. Desk exercises are exercise routines you can carry out without having to get up or move too far away from your desk. You can do some squats (repeatedly standing up and then sitting down on your chair), arm and neck stretches, stand up and jog in place for 45 seconds. You can even lift dumbbells. These exercises do not require that you leave your office, and you can do them while working.

• Short Early Morning Workouts

Having a busy schedule is tiring, and you need all the rest you can get. Waking up 20 minutes earlier, however, wouldn't kill you (Rather, it would rather make you stronger). Set your alarm clock 20 minutes earlier than you need to and use those 20 minutes for aerobics or a quick jog. Be sure to stretch for at least 3 minutes before going for a jog. This will help you feel more refreshed as you begin your busy day.

• Join a Gym Close to Work

This is a neat trick. A busy schedule would obviously prevent you from joining a gym or even keeping up with your gym appointments. To solve this problem, find a gym very close to your workplace and sign up. With this, you can then use your lunch break for some quick exercises before you get back to work.

• Do a Lot of Pacing.

Is your schedule so tight that you literally cannot conveniently do most of the above? Then pace. Just stop yourself from unnecessary stillness. Pace while replying to an email, making a call, waiting for the copier, waiting for coffee... Pace! Pace!! Pace!!! As basic as pacing sounds, if you do it frequently during the day, you're getting some exercise done. So pace.

Busy schedules can be daunting, and exercise is usually the first thing to be dropped However, you have no excuses anymore. Any of the exercises above can be done without interrupting your schedule. Stay healthy.

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